Description of the Variety of Birds


Green Budgerigar.

Light green is the normal coloration of the Budgerigar. This has been used in the development of other Mutations that can be difficult to obtain pure  Light greens . The mating of two Light green Budgerigars usually gives rise to various other colours  in the Chicks. The Dark Factor {a gene that literally DARKENS the colour of the Budgerigar }.It is possible to obtain  Green in three shades ; LIGHT Green, DARK Green and OLIVE Green.

Normal Grey Green.

This colour is similar to the Olive Green, but can be distinguished by their JET BLACK rather than DEEP BLUE Tails.

















Breeding Birds.

My name is John and I have been breeding birds for many years. They are mainly budgerigars,canaries and zebra finches. The budgerigars for their beautiful colours,and the canaries because the male species have a wonderful variety of songs. The zebra finches are much smaller and have a delightful character  of their own.I will be blogging all about my birds in future posts but please give me time to get used to blogging as I am new to the scene. I  constructed an aviary of 2metres x 2metres x 2metres high. Bird room of same size.  At this time the Budgerigars are  7 Males and 6 Females, Canaries 6 Females  and 4 Males , Zebras Finches 4 Males and 4 Females. The Bird room size is 2 x2mtr  x 2mtr high are 10 breeding cages. Please stay tuned for my next post.